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18 November 2017

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Aviation English Proficiency Testing

The objective of English proficiency testing is to:

  1. Rate Air Traffic Control Personnel and Flight Crews involved in Flight Operations in airspace where the use of the English Language is required; and
  2. Obligate the necessary states, operators and individual aviation personnel to take the necessary steps to ensure that ATC’s and Flight Crews are proficient in conducting and comprehending radiotelephony telecommunications in the English Language.

The test is in accordance with ICAO and SACAA Standards. The ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements were developed to address the safety concern raised by accidents and incidents in which communication played a key role.

Cranfield Aviation Training is certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority to conduct English Proficiency Tests in accordance with the recommended standards as laid out by ICAO with particular reference to DOC 9835.

Please make yourself familiar with this English Proficiency Test Booklet prior to taking your English Proficiency Test. Feel free to direct any questions at your examiner prior to or after the test. A student appeals process is in place and can be used should you question the results from your test.

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