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Safety Management Systems (SMS)

This course was previously known as Safety Officer Training.

The objective of this course is to equip the new Safety Officer with basic skills in order for him/her to manage the safety system within an airline. It is in no way intended to be a “one stop shop” for safety management.

You will have to improvise and broaden your horizons by constant research and consultation and will find that an airline’s safety system does not operate in a cocoon, but depends largely on co-operation from service providers, employees, management, government institutions, ATC and other established airlines. You will also have to establish a network of contacts, which will enable you to investigate and conclude incidents and accidents.

One of the biggest obstacles as an Airline Safety Officer is winning the trust of the employees and getting the co-operation of management. It will depend on you to involve management and to ensure that your position is not merely a rubber stamp.

Safety Management remains at the forefront of methods by which organisations can make aviation, already the safest form of travel, even safer. The prime difference in the approach adopted can be found in a move beyond the traditional reactionary systems to those which try to predict areas of exposure through assessment of any residual risk areas in airworthiness and operations and supplementing them with operational knowledge and professional judgement.