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Train the Trainer

Training is becoming more and more critical to the success and effectiveness of any organisation. Some of the reasons for training include:

  • the increase of the skills base of the organisation and productivity
  • to align the organisation with new developments
  • to address the needs of the staff
  • to stay ahead of competitors
  • to meet the need of clients and shareholders
  • to positively impact the bottom line of the organisation and enhance the image of the organisation

In Aviation, the focus of training is quite different. Whilst all of the issues listed above are important, training is even more critical in that the focus and purpose is to enhance flight safety. The industry itself is about the safe carriage of human lives from place to place. Training takes place in many fields within the industry and the list that follows will show you just how different Aviation Training is.

Training in Aviation is not only focused on the safety aspect, but the functions performed require a high level of technical proficiency and this on an ongoing basis for all flight crew. Training programs include Initial Pilot and Cabin Crew Training, Training/Conversion to different aircraft, Emergency Procedures (including Ditching and Survival, Safety and Security), Crew Resource Management, Dangerous Goods Management, Training in new system implementation and use (e.g. ACAS – Airborne Collision Avoidance System), Fire Fighting, Aviation Medicine and Radio Telephony.

Training requirements and standards are also strictly regulated by the Industry authorities and it is not a matter of preference to attend a training seminar, but often a compulsory regulation. Whilst training in most industries is evaluated in terms of its impact on productivity, and ultimately, profitability, in Aviation it is evaluated in terms of the safety level of the organisation and even the individual.